Academic Integrity


This community of practice is working towards uniformity across campus on issues dealing with academic integrity. Our group is concerned with student and faculty experiences with various types of academic misconduct and the approach that is taken when dealing with these types of issues. This Group wants a campus community that takes academic integrity seriously and allows our students to have pride and ownership of their coursework. Academic Integrity is a part of the IUPUI culture! What can we do to improve our campus?


We have been focusing on collecting information about how academic misconduct is handled on our campus, other IU campus, and other universities.  We have also developed a handbook of guidelines for both students and faculty with easy to reference information on the IU Code of Conduct. We are currently seeking opportunities with faculty to have conversations about how academic misconduct works at IUPUI. This Group is mainly focusing on how faculty can be supported and encouraged with matters dealing with academic misconduct.


    • Host a workshop in the fall on "Best Practices" in how to avoid incidences of academic misconduct
    • Complete Canvas Online Modules on "What is Academic Integrity" for students
    • Develop Online Modules for Course Instructors and Teaching Assistants
    • Disseminate our work; write an article in a peer-reviewed journal and/or present work at a national conference

Action Steps

Continue to work during the summer on Online Modules for students to particpate in Fall 2017 in their first year seminar course. Plan a workshop for Fall 2017 on best practicesin avoiding academic misocnduct in your classroom. 

Please email Gina Londino ( if interested in joining our community.