This Community of Practice on Civility values individuals, dialogue, relationships, and community building. We see this CoP as an opportunity to build on the conversation that has recently been generated by the Common Theme about civil discourse on our campus. In the absence of the proverbial “office water-cooler,” this CoP offers members of the IUPUI community a forum through which to meet other faculty and professional staff members and an opportunity to identify problems and cultivate solutions.

“Civility” is a broad term whose definition will be determined by the participants in our community, who will also determine the direction taken by this CoP. Our focus will be on the faculty experience of civility within the IUPUI campus community. By “faculty,” we include all professionals who are involved in teaching, learning, research, advising, and service. Our interest is in the faculty experience within a civil culture, which includes classroom behavior but also electronic communications, departmental meetings, campus policies, etc. Its range includes the full spectrum of faculty interactions with others, including but not limited to students, staff, other faculty, and campus administrators.

Our hope is that everyone who joins this CoP will be sincere in their desire to make our campus a more civil community. This newly-formed group is committed to action but eager to act in a thoughtful and deliberate way. We value conversation as the mechanism by which to determine the optimal course of action. In addition to being passionate about civility issues, we also believe in the importance of cultivating teaching, research, and service in the scholarship of civility. We anticipate many positive outcomes of our community, some of which may consist of multiple scholarly productions, including a network of colleagues, strategies and mechanisms for improving faculty collegiality and the classroom environment, and long-term improvement in the culture of IUPUI. For more information or to join our community, please contact Nancy Goldfarb,