Critical Thinking

"Critical Thinking is reflective, it involves standards and it is authentic. Critical Thinking is “thinking about your thinking as you are thinking in order to make your thinking better.” - Gerald Nosich

As educators, our goal should not be simply to teach a knowledge base but more importantly it should be to encourage our students to think effectively and creatively. This is a process, and many of us have learned to do this without being explicitly taught. We should be purposeful with our students and intentionally incorporate the concept of critical thinking and the skills that can help our students to learn more effectively and efficiently.

This Community of Practice offers Gateway faculty an opportunity to collaborate with other like-minded colleagues and develop a more deliberate understanding of critical thinking and methods of using this in our classroom. This CoP needs and wants faculty from all disciplines since different ways of thinking about our students will only give us more and better ways of engaging our students.

Some goals for the academic year 2015 - 2016:

    • Develop a Canvas site as a repository
        • for methods to be used in the classroom
        • for resources on practices for learning
        • for resources on how to study
    • Learn how to assess critical thinking
    • Organize internal presentations on topics central to critical thinking and learning
    • Present methods that we have developed at a workshop

Regular meetings will be scheduled and we will start by reading and discussing Gerald M. Nosich’s book titled Learning to Think Things Through, but very quickly get into introducing it into our classrooms with a goal of trying to incorporate critical thinking in the Spring semester.

If interested, contact Marie Nguyen at