Information Literacy

Do you wish your students were better at finding and using outside resources?

Learn how you can help them by joining the Gateway Community of Practice on Information Literacy!

The Gateway Community of Practice on Information Literacy1 is composed of faculty and librarians from IUPUI and other universities, who meet once or twice a month. As a COP, we have three objectives: group discussion of a common problem, scholarly inquiry aimed at discovering causes or solutions, and dissemination of findings. We’ve done really exciting work and have interesting plans for the future!

Our projects have included:

    • Information literacy workshops about infusing research knowledge and practices across the curriculum as well as in faculty assignments
    • Participation in student and faculty surveys to gauge information literacy teaching practices
    • Completion of a book chapter in Information Literacy: Research and Collaboration across Disciplines, to be published in 2016 by WAC Clearinghouse (digital) and University Press of Colorado (print). The editors are rock stars in the rhetoric/composition field
    • Sharing our collection of classroom strategies and online resources.
    • Regular Lunch & Learn Series

Our projects for the coming year include:

    • Exploration of a badge system for faculty to learn about infusing research practices into the curriculm
    • Workshops for faculty and librarians
    • Continuation of faculty Lunch & Learn series
    • Exploration of an assignment repository of Information Literacy assignments

Interested? Contact Mel Wininger or Sara Lowe 


1  Information literacy is defined as a set of integrated abilities which include discovering, understanding, evaluating, and ethically using information sources.