Intercultural Learning

Do you seek to engage your students in intercultural learning?

Join the NEW Gateway Community of Practice on Intercultural Learning

"Intercultural learning has been defined as “acquiring increased awareness of [cultural contexts], including one’s own, and developing greater ability to interact sensitively and competently across cultural contexts.” –Milton J. Bennett

Each year IUPUI’s student body becomes more diverse, with cultures from all parts of the world represented in the classroom. The Gateway Community of Practice on Intercultural Learning1 is a NEW COP that is being formed to pursue development of knowledge and skills that facilitate effective intercultural teaching practices in support of global learning for all students, while supporting the integration of international students who are new to the U.S. classroom.

For example:

    • inclusive teaching that engages all students of diverse US and non-US cultures in intercultural learning
    • instructional approaches that are responsive to English language learners’ needs;

    • effective techniques for intercultural group learning

The COP will meet regularly for group discussion of common challenges and opportunities, scholarly inquiry aimed at discovering best practices, and dissemination of findings.

Interested? Contact Co-chairs Patrick Gentry or Estela Ene