A technology community that’s not just for technologists!

Whether or not you teach technical subjects, technology impacts your life and the lives of your students.

Our group aims to discover the hidden benefits of everyday technologies as pedagogical tools, whether to improve instruction, classroom activities, or student engagement.

We want to help instructors build an arsenal of ideas and activities that will allow efficient, engaging instruction of ANY subject.

Our membership comes from a number of disciplines and we are always seeking new members who have research questions they would like to pursue.  Bring us your ideas!

Research ideas

    • Effective use of personal devices in instruction
    • Improving efficacy of online learning – and discovering university resources to support all online courses
    • Insert your idea here: _________________________

Past projects

    • Mini-grants for Community members to attend conferences related to technology in education
    • Host of the Spring 2015 Gateway Retreat Classroom Technology from the Student’s Perspective
    • Conducted a Student Technology Survey to assess how students interact with their personal devices

Ongoing work

    • Analysis and refining of the Student Technology Survey data
    • Presentation of Survey results at the Lilly Conference on College Teaching
    • Investigation of resources provided by IU Online for everyday courses and instructors

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