The Role of the Coordinator

The role of the Gateway coordinator can have a huge impact on the success of our students as well as the success of this university. Research shows that making a faculty connection can have an enormous impact on the success of a first-year student. Therefore, it seems natural then that our efforts with our Gateway faculty can generate the momentum needed to move our students through their first-year classes, and also beyond to graduation. It is the coordinator's responsibility to provide support and resources to faculty who are the initial point of contact for our students at IUPUI.

Some of the ways that coordinators help in that endeavor is by working with departments and schools in the development of undergraduate, and especially Gateway curriculum. Often schools look to the coordinators for guidance to establish the requirements for each course and to link those requirements to the university's General Education curriculum. Our work within departments and schools has a meaningful impact on retention and graduation rates.

In an effort to provide guidance for those who are new to the role of course coordinator, and to offer resources for current coordinators, this section was created. Overseeing a course or courses that serve thousands of students each semester can be overwhelming. Hopefully, this information will help guide you through the first semester and beyond.