Getting Starting at IUPUI

  • Central Authentication Service or CAS Login

    Central Authentication Service or CAS Login

    At Indiana University, Central Authentication Service (CAS) is a login service that allows you to access multiple password-protected web systems after logging in once on a central authentication server. CAS currently supports several IU web applications, including Oncourse, One.IU, OTP authentication, Time Keeping, PeopleSoft, HRMS (payroll), and the employee Paid Time Off (PTO) system. In the future, other IU systems will use CAS as well. You will be automatically redirected to the CAS login screen when you access one of the supported systems, unless you have already authenticated to CAS during your session. You can also reach the CAS login screen directly at:

  • Wireless Access

    IU Secure is the wireless network for students, faculty, and staff to access on all campuses. IU Secure uses WPA2 Enterprise (Wi-Fi Protected Access) for authentication and encryption. When you try to connect to IU Secure for the first time, you may be prompted to accept a new security certificate. Verify that the certificate is signed by "Thawte Primary Root CA", and click OK or Connect.

    If you experience problems connecting to IU Secure, try logging in again with your IUPUI username and password. If that fails, your best bet is to download and install the IU Secure Setup Wizard, available from IUware for Windows or Mac OS X or iOS. If you are on campus, you can connect to the free AT&T wireless network for visitors to do so; you may need to go to a public area of a building to find that network.

  • Crimson Card

    Crimson Card

    Once you have your hire paperwork complete, you’ll want to get an IUPUI Crimson Card. It’s our version of a university ID system and can be used on campus and off. You can put money on your card and use it at the campus center or off campus restaurants, sometimes with a discount. If that doesn’t interest you, you will need to have one for most printing needs while you are here. You can find out all you need about location, cost and details here: 

  • Parking


    Parking can sometimes be tricky. You will need to get the lowdown from your department before you show up. Some departments pay for parking for their Associate faculty, some do not. If you are full- time, you can count on paying. Enrollments run from July 1st to June 30th, but you can obtain a parking permit at any time. You have many options for parking, so be sure to read all of the choices before committing. Ask other faculty in your department about their preferences because they can help choose an area convenient to your classrooms. All parking answers can be found at:

  • Emergency Management and Continuity

    Emergency Management and Continuity

    This office oversees more than the campus police. You will look to this office to provide guidance on information security and policy, enterprise risk, travel safety, facilities and of course public safety and the police. One of the services you will most definitely want to sign up for is IU Notify.  This allows you to have IU notify you of any emergencies on campus. You can choose how you receive notification. The program can reach you at your office, home, or cell. To sign up for IU Notify, click here. More information about the services provided by Protect IU can be found here.

  • Staying Late on Campus?

    Staying Late?

     You can always reach someone to walk you to your car. Call the Safety Escort at 317-274-SAFE (7233). This service is available 24/7.